Oscar Pink Satin Engagement Gown for Photo Shoots

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Handmade maternity dress for photo shoots and baby showers

soft stretch satin

This blush pink maternity gown or maternity dress for photo shoots is amazing for maternity photography!!
It comes with a train that binds back and makes the dress form fitting and flows down to your feet in a nice mermaid style train, which makes it ideal for moving around during a baby shower and very elegant for your maternity photo session. The bottom has a slight flare and it is made to pool around your feet with drama.
If you want to stop the show at your shower get this gorgeous maternity gown!

IMPORTANT Shop note for this product:

The fabric stretches by an inch or two however there are NO returns or NO refunds.
If I must accept a return I will charge a 30% restocking fee.
Kindly do not buy unless you have measured yourself and checked your size. All dresses are FINAL SALE, there is a 30% restocking fee if you request an exchange and we are able to accommodate. If you do not measure yourself before purchase you will probably get the wrong size and will likely be unhappy with your purchase. Pure white gowns are a delicate color and I am not able to sell the gown again once the package is opened. I do not wash and restock white gowns to ensure that all our clients receive brand new gowns in mint condition so again please measure yourself before purchase accounting for your growing body. If an exchange is approved (for a colored gown), the gown will be inspected for damage on return to us and any damage or stain will result in the exchange being denied as that gown will no longer be sellable. Neither we nor Shopify cover the cost of shipping for any returns or exchanges❤️
We do not provide return shipping.

Size Dimensions:


Underbust = 32 inches
Waist= 44 inches
Hip= 34 inches
Front length 54 inches
Back train 65 inches


Underbust = 34 inches
Waist = 46 inches
Hip= 36 inches
Front length 54 inches
Back train 65 inches


Underbust = 36 inches
Waist= 48 inches
Hip= 38 inches
Front length 54 inches
Back train 65 inches


Underbust= 38 inches
Waist= 50 inches
Hip= 40 inches
Front length 54 inches
Back train 65 inches


Underbust= 40 inches
Waist= 52 inches
Hip= 42 inches
Front length 54 inches
Back train 65 inches


Underbust= 42 inches
Waist= 54 inches
Hip= 44 inches
Front length 54 inches
Back train 65 inches

If you’d like to ask questions please do not hesitate to contact me ❤️

Please note: All dresses in my shop are made extra long to pool around your feet as in the pictures. Last and this is important, my dress is made from a material that is not see-through. If you purchase a size too small for you due to not checking your size, the fabric will stretch to accommodate your body however there is a chance that it will be see-through due to an overstretch. Please plan to wear something (vest or other) under to cover your body in that case. The last tip, if your hips with a belly can not go over the satin gown it will be very tough to wear it and if you buy it please double check your hip circumference.

Images for this listing were produced by Judah Avenue Photography - www.judahavenue.com 

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