7 Things To Consider When Planning Your Engagement Photoshoot

Choosing the kind of engagement photoshoot you want from the dress to the poses can be pretty daunting. You may feel that there are too many tasks and not enough time. Take a deep breath and consider these seven things and that is all you’ll need to do. All the tasks can be neatly organized within these groups so you can take things one step at a time.

engagement photoshoot

  1. The Season

When it’s time to start planning your engagement shoot, the time of year that it will take place is the first thing to think of. This is what the rest of your planning will revolve around because once you have a season in mind, the countdown will begin, and your wardrobe will have a direction as well. If you are looking for a season theme, then this is another way that this step can influence your colors. The season is what you will have to work with when dealing with your other photoshoot factors.

  1. The Time Of Day

This will depend on the vision you have and the inspiration you’ve gathered as the lighting, colors, and location are just a few things that the time these pictures are taken will influence. Your photographer will also have great advice in this area that should be taken into consideration. The early morning or late afternoon light, for instance, provides softer, more flattering light than mid-day.

  1. The Photographer

The photographer is the person that you will be relying on to bring your vision to life. This is someone that should know what they’re talking about which is why going with a professional is always the best move. This way you will have someone that you can meet with and bounce ideas off of to ensure that you’re left with cohesive visual images. Going to your photographer with your ideas is the best move as they will be able to give it to you straight if your timing, for instance, won’t work.

  1. The Location

Make sure that the location you go with for your shoot is a spot that suits your style. There is more than just the quality a location has as a backdrop. You will also want the location to tie in with your theme, wardrobe, lighting, and so on. The same goes if you’re looking to shoot in multiple spots. Try to also consider details like the wind picking up or having a cloudy sky on your day and whether these things will derail your plans for the shoot. It’s good to be prepared and you will save yourself a lot of stress if the day doesn’t turn out exactly the way you envisioned.

  1. The Wardrobe

Deciding on your dress and your significant other’s ensemble are choices that could make or break your photoshoot. A common mistake here is choosing something that doesn’t suit you or your significant other. There is no rule that you have to dress up, just do what you’re comfortable with. Try to stay away from trendy looks as these pictures will need to age well. Classic looks that suit your personality and look are wardrobe choices that you should lean toward.

  1. The Use

Where are these pictures going to be displayed? It’s a given that they will feature in your home or in a photo album or both, but are you thinking of using these pictures for your save the dates or wedding invites. You might even be considering putting them on social media for your loved ones to see from all over. Knowing where and how these photos will appear will impact the formality, technical aspects such as size, and more which is why it’s an important factor.

  1. The Poses

No need to panic, you won’t need to be runway-ready by the time your shoot arrives. This is just something to consider especially tied in with your look and theme. The formality and where these pictures will be featured are factors that all need to work together. Remember, you will want to look back at these and smile, not hate the way you looked!

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