How To Coordinate Outfits For An Engagement Photoshoot

coordinate engagement photoshoot outfits

Welcome to the lead up to your big day! An engagement photo shoot is a celebration of two people announcing their lifelong commitment to each other. There are so many potential uses for these photographs that it’s always best to plan out each aspect of the shoot. It’s now time to have a look at an outlined strategy with seven techniques that you can use to coordinate outfits for an engagement shoot.

  1. Match The Style

You will want to look like you belong together just as well in photographs as you do in real life. One way to guarantee this is to be on the same page style-wise. When considering the style of dress that you’ll want to wear, it’s a good idea to think of what suits you two as a couple. This will help discern whether to plan casual outfits or something a little more dressed up. If you do decide to go the more formal route, it’s still important to incorporate each other in the look. For instance, this doesn’t need to be a suit and dress kind of pairing, there are many avenues that you can explore. Just by considering each other here, the cohesiveness will be present.

  1. Fit The Season

Aide from the obvious comfort factor during the shoot, it’s always nice to draw ensemble inspiration from the season that it falls within. Fall, for instance, is always a gorgeous time of the year, the colors just seem to pop on camera and there is so much that you can do when putting this season into your photo shoot planning.  

  1. Color Coordination

Are you looking to stand out or blend in? This is something that you will need to know when it comes to the colors of your ensembles. For instance, working well together within a picture but without being too matchy-match is one thing but if you are going for that adorable couple look then having a similar color pallet is a must. Colors that work well together without matching are purple and yellow, blue and orange, etc. It all depends on what you’re going for but there is a lot that can be done when it comes to colors. 

  1. Fit In With Your Surroundings

This note differs from the previous point about fitting in with the season as it is more about suiting the background of your pictures. For instance, if you’ve chosen a warm early morning glow, softer colors will translate well for both you and your partner’s outfit choices. This is how you can coordinate with each other and your surrounding scenery, lighting, and so on. If you remember to factor your background into your outfit planning then you will be able to pull off a range of visuals that are cohesive and aesthetically pleasing in every aspect.

  1. Think Of Your Poses

Even if you have a photographer it’s always good to go into a shoot with a few poses of your own. This will ensure that you have diverse movements in your pictures and some guaranteed captures that you made sure you look good in. Getting to the point, your outfits need to coincide with your pose ideas for you and your significant other to ensure a smooth photo shoot.

  1. Is There A Theme?

Themed shoots can be adorable, especially if they suit the couple’s personality. This is where coordination between outfits would be essential. An example of this is if your shoot were to be inspired by a spring day, your colors and style of dress would need to be in unison with one another even more than what is typically recommended.

  1. Simple Or Accessorised?

To truly coordinate well with each other, it’s important to be on the same page regarding additional items like accessories. You could either each play it down to draw focus to the engagement ring, or you could spice things up for a more formal photograph. The idea here is that no matter what you decide on, that you decide on it together regarding each ensemble for the sake of symmetry.

These are just a few things that you can consider to make sure that your outfits coordinate well during this special day. These techniques form a strategy and game plan that you can work with to narrow down your ensemble options and tick something off your photoshoot preparation list.

If you’re planning your engagement photo shoot and looking for more tips and outfit techniques, contact us at Sharon Rose Custom.

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