How to Prepare for a Maternity Photoshoot

blue maternity gown for photoshoot

Learning that you are expecting a bundle joy can be an exciting time for many couples. From the initial weight gain to the kicking of little feet inside mom’s belly, pregnancy can indeed be a wonderful time. Many moms may have considered having a maternity photoshoot to capture the memories of seeing a real-life miracle in motion; however, most moms don’t know where to start. There are quite a few considerations that need to be accounted for when planning your maternity photoshoot. It is always best to remember that the day is all about capturing the beauty of the moment and that obsessing over every detail is not only unhealthy for you and baby, but will completely ruin your day.

Once you get the initial panic out of the way along with the need to force the process; the maternity shoot preparations should go fairly smoothly. Having an idea of the type of maternity photoshoot that you want is an excellent place to start. Once you are sure of what you want, it makes it easier for you to relay that information to the photographer and whoever else is involved in making the maternity photoshoot  a success. Deciding on what to wear also makes all the difference for your shoot. Choosing the correct dress to set off your natural curves and show off your baby bump does wonders for the pictures.

Maternity photo shoots can also be a great way to get your spouse more involved with the pregnancy, at the same time you get to dazzle him with your fuller figure and beautiful frame.

Before we go into how to prepare for a maternity photoshoot, let’s look at a few of the benefits of having a maternity photoshoot.

preparing for a maternity photoshoot

Stress Relieving

Pregnancy can be a stressful time for any woman. From morning sickness to bloated feet and indigestion, little surprises a woman during this stage of life. When planning for a maternity photoshoot, the new mom is allowed to concentrate on the aesthetic aspect of pregnancy. It gives her time to be playful and have fun, not only by herself but with the family as this is an experience that can be shared as a collective. By boosting the dopamine levels in moms’ brain with the euphoria of going dress shopping, her stress levels drop. Good for mom and baby. 

Fun for the Family

Getting everyone involved in the maternity photoshoot will not only be exciting but fun! Having the family gather around as you model different maternity gowns, choose the surroundings, and discussing where everyone fits in on the day depending on how big your family is, makes everyone feel included.

Quality Time

The time it takes to plan and prepare for the maternity photoshoot will promote quality time amongst the family.

Value for Money

Families often spend quite a lot of money on entertainment without seeing a return or even a benefit in having spent so much money. Spending money on a maternity shoot is money well invested, which brings me to the last benefit.

Lifetime Memories

Documenting a specific moment and being able to go back to that moment many years later is genuinely something money can’t buy. However, by having a maternity photoshoot you can capture that moment, freeze time if you will, and leave behind a keepsake for your children.

When preparing for your maternity shoot it is advisable to aim for the end of your second trimester. By then you will have an adorable bump without feeling like you’re too big. It is also advisable to choose your photographer carefully. Being able to openly discuss your expectations with the person taking the pictures will make all the difference on the day of the photoshoot.  

Deciding on where to have the maternity photoshoot as well as on the theme is exciting. There are so many different themes that you can choose from to match your choice of outfit perfectly. You also have the option of playing around with a few ideas such as matching outfits or adding a few props here and there to add to the authenticity of your photoshoot. There are several ideas that you can pitch to your photographer, and he or she will be able to give you valuable information on the most suitable times to take the pictures, ensuring a beautiful shot, every time. If you plan on going the whole nine yards on the day of your photoshoot; that means getting your hair and make-up done, then it would make sense to book all your appointments in advance and also allows you to save money towards an awesome maternity photoshoot.

Feeling and looking beautiful on the day of your maternity photoshoot is your mommy right and our line of expertise. Sharon Rose Custom is in the business of making moms look and feel as gorgeous as they are. We cater for every pregnant body type and provide you with an excellent service that ensures the dress you choose sets off your pregnant frame beautifully and gracefully. Our designs can be worn even after pregnancy and are of quality design. Sharon Rose Custom strives to make any maternity photoshoot a memorable one by outfitting you in stunning designs and gorgeous colours. When preparing for your maternity photoshoot be sure to keep Sharon Rose Custom in mind!

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