Should You Buy or Rent Your Maternity Dress For Photoshoots?

Planning a maternity shoot to show off your baby bump can be incredibly exciting! The photos taken in a maternity photoshoot will be treasured for years to come and will be viewed by an array of family members and friends. It’s important to plan every aspect carefully so that when looking back on your photos you’ll be happy with every detail, from the way your hair was styled to the design of your dress.

Talking about the dress, one of the biggest decisions you can make with regards to your maternity photo shoot is whether you rent or buy your maternity dress. There are loads of pros and cons to every choice, and you should definitely look at both options carefully so that you can make an informed decision.

Benefits Of Renting A Maternity Dress

If you are looking at wearing a truly extravagant dress for your maternity photoshoot, but can’t afford to buy one, renting a maternity dress may be a good option for you. Renting a dress is obviously cheaper than buying one.

Additionally, you may only need to wear this dress once as it is most likely going to be quite formal and let’s face it, you’re not pregnant throughout your whole life. So why clutter your closet with a dress that you will only wear on one or two occasions, depending on how many pregnancies you will experience?

Downsides To Renting A Maternity Dress

Renting a dress involves quite a lot of admin. You’ll need to pick up the dress on a certain date as well as return it on a specific date too. If the dress doesn’t fit perfectly, you will not be able to make any alterations to it and you may lose out on your deposit should you happen to spill anything on the dress or cause damage to it accidentally.

When renting a dress, you also have fewer options available to you as you will most likely only be able to rent a dress from an outlet in your town.

Also, renting means second-hand and if you’re not comfortable wearing second-hand clothes, rather opt to buy a dress.

Benefits Of Buying A Maternity Dress

The main benefit of buying your maternity dress is that it will belong to you and you can make as many alterations as necessary to ensure it fits you absolutely perfectly and frames that baby bump beautifully! If you want to do a series of maternity photoshoots to track the progress of your bump, it should be fairly simple to alter the dress slightly for every photo shoot.

You’ll also have a much wider range of shoot options available to you than you would with a rented dress. You’ll be able to get the dress wet in an underwater shoot, have a glitter bomb thrown on you and even be smothered in cake if that’s in line with your creative vision!

Downsides to Buying a Maternity Dress

The only real downside to buying your own dress for your maternity photo shoot is the cost, which is at most times higher than the cost of renting a dress.

The other minor downside is that you may need to find a place to keep your dress after the shoot, as it is likely you may not wear it again for a while until the next baby bump comes along.

Rather Buy

At Sharon Rose Custom, we feel that buying your maternity dress is a much better option. You have far more choices available to you and can do whatever you want to with the dress.

It is a great sentimental keepsake to have your maternity shoot dress hanging up in your closet. If you ever find that you don’t have space for it, you can always donate it to charity, upcycle it into another outfit, give it to a pregnant friend or simply sell it to make your money back. 

Looking for that perfect dress for your maternity photoshoot? Sharon Rose Customs specializes in gorgeous maternity dresses to provide you with memories to last a lifetime! Browse our online collection to view our amazing selection, and feel free to email us at should you have any questions.

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