When is the Best Time to do a Maternity Photo Shoot?

Deciding on the perfect time to do a maternity photoshoot can be difficult. At the beginning stages of pregnancy, most mothers tend to be more anxious, not feeling well and generally just tired. Having a maternity photoshoot in the early weeks or months of pregnancy is not advisable due to the many factors that may make the experience less than enjoyable. Also, one has to consider the fact that it is, after all, a maternity photoshoot and so the baby bump will need to be more than a little evident.

When would be the best time to do a maternity photoshoot and what are the factors that most influence having a memorable and successful maternity shoot? This blog will aim to enlighten new moms, moms to be, veteran moms and all moms alike on when the best time would be to have your maternity photoshoot.

It is best to note that planning is everything. From getting your finances together, to deciding who will feature with you in the shoot, all the way through to choosing the theme. All this information becomes critical in ensuring that your day goes as smoothly as possible.

What is the Best Time Of day or Night to do the Maternity Photo Shoot?

This will largely depend on the type of pictures that you want and on the theme that you choose. If your chosen theme works best at night, then it would be advisable to run this by your photographer so that he or she can have the necessary equipment available that would best suit the lighting conditions.

Hiring a professional photographer can be costly, but it is advisable to do so. Professional photographers have all the right equipment that is needed to give a maternity shoot the authentic, beautiful feel that works so well with maternity photoshoots.

What would be the Perfect Season for a Maternity Photo Shoot?

Most people would prefer the warm breeze of summer. The truth is that there is no perfect season to do your maternity photoshoot and that the ideal timing is mostly dependant on your gestational period. That’s right; your perfect season is determined by the growth of your belly.

Creativity is Key If You Want Your Maternity Photo Shoot to Stand Out!

Not all your photos have to be staged, posed or propped. Taking some random pictures lend to the authenticity of the atmosphere where the images are being taken. It gives the photoshoot a less staged feel and also shines through the unedited beauty of the mom to be. The more candid the picture, the better it looks on camera.

How Far Along in My Pregnancy Should I do the Maternity Photo Shoot?

Most moms wait until they are at the end of their second trimester. By then, they are feeling less of the strain of the pregnancy. Around this time the belly enlarged enough to create beautiful maternity photos and at the same time is small enough to make the photoshoot as comfortable as possible, for both mom and photographer.

yellow maternity dress for photoshoot

Although planning is highly recommended when deciding on a maternity photo shoot, we cannot always predict the outcome. If you are going for an outdoor themed shoot then it would make sense to plan for the unexpected. The weather can be fickle, so be sure to arrange with the photographer to bring some beautiful umbrellas that can be used should you get caught in the rain. Be prepared for almost anything but most importantly remember to have fun with it. A maternity photoshoot is a celebration shared amongst the family of the beauty of the circle of life; it should not be a stressful time filled with anxiety. In essence, if you have planned for a sunny outdoor maternity shoot and it happens to rain, go with it, an improvised maternity shoot can be just as much fun as a well organised one.

If braving the great outdoors is not your thing then perhaps a studio maternity photo shoot will be more suitable to your needs. Black and white photographs are always classically elegant and can be stunning if taken under the right lighting. Finding the right fit and what best suits you will be a great help in establishing when to do your maternity photoshoot.

There is no perfect time, no ideal season and no perfect condition for choosing when to do your maternity photoshoot. Finding the perfect dress or gown however is another story.  Allow me to elaborate; selecting the ideal gown to accentuate your curvy figure is by far one of the most exciting tasks that go into planning a maternity photoshoot. Shopping around for a dress that will bring out the beauty of pregnancy doesn’t have to be rocket science.

Here at Sharon Rose Custom, we specialise in outfitting you in beautifully designed gowns and dresses made specially for expecting mothers. We have a wide range of cuts, colours and designs to choose from that will match your chosen theme beautifully. Our gowns and dresses can also be worn long after your little bundle of joy has arrived. Now that we have helped you establish when the best time is to do your maternity photoshoot allow us to assist you in picking out the perfect outfit for a perfect day!

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