12 Maternity Photos Everyone Should Take

Having a maternity photoshoot during your pregnancy is one of the many exciting ways to celebrate the arrival of your newborn baby. As your body starts to change, so will you. Feeling your baby move and kick for the first time is one of life’s most precious and priceless experiences. For us women; getting dressed up is always exciting, so preparing for a maternity photoshoot while expecting makes the experience even more memorable. With your family dynamic about to change, it is imperative to capture your family as it is before it all changes for the better. Pregnancy lasts up to nine months only, but with the photos to help take you back to that extraordinary moment in your life, you will always have a keepsake. Here are a few ideas or themes for the perfect maternity photo shoot.

Family Photoshoot

Getting your partner and other kids (if you have any) to join in can be fun. Including your family in your maternity photoshoot is another excellent way of capturing these moments as it also promotes quality family time. It’s something different from our daily norms, and it would be a lovely experience for everyone. Something unique for the family photo shoot would be that the family follows a theme dress code.

Gender Revealing

Once you find out the gender of your new arrival, you can then decide what theme or background you would like to have portrayed for your shoot. There’s nothing more exciting than telling the world about your little prince or princess. Your partner and family can also join in for this photoshoot. You can use different props to enhance the quality of your photos by displaying all kinds of treats, cupcakes, and cakes, teddy bears, and many more.

Just You!

Having an individual shoot is very significant because it’s something you can look back on as you and your kids grow. It’s a memory of how your body changed and how amazing your experience was. You get to bring forth your look of authenticity in each portrait.

Different Wardrobe Changes

A varied wardrobe can offer a chance for you to play around with the shoot and try various poses with different locations. This can enhance the overall experience or feel for you. Tight fit dresses are a good way of shaping and highlighting your baby bump. Pregnancy bodies are all different so remember to pose as you feel comfortable; the photographer will also give you some direction during shooting.

Hands-On The Belly

It’s a very normal instinct for women to touch their belly. This is an effective way to draw attention to your stomach. Get your partner in on this shoot with both your hands focused on your baby bump. These images will make for a beautiful memory that you can one day share with your child the day he or she gets married.

Different Locations

Taking your maternity photoshoot pictures at various locations with varying changes of wardrobe makes the overall outcome more amazing. The options are endless. Urban, local, outdoors, indoors it all works. This is the perfect time to use the sun as you backlighting or even take a drive and enjoy the open air while having your perfect pictures taken.

Perfect Timing

You need to decide when will be the right time for you to book your maternity photoshoot. It’s always better to do the shoot closer to the end of your pregnancy that way you have a clear picture of your baby bump. Also knowing how unpleasant the first trimester can be it would be wise to plan close to the end of your second trimester.

Including Your UltraSound In the Photo

Including your babies’ ultrasound photo in your maternity photoshoot is a great way to add a memento to a souvenir, if you get what I mean. It’s a unique and fun way to remind your child that their first photoshoot happened in the womb!

Pic with ultrasound

Try Some Belly Painted Photos

Tummy writing for maternity photoshoot

Exploring belly painting for a maternity photoshoot is a fun-filled way to attract attention to your growing baby bump. You can have various images painted onto your belly that perfectly matches your surrounding and themes.

Have A Humorous Maternity Photo Taken

We all know that the devil is in the detail, well, some humour can be found there too. Having photos taken in a humorous angle or poking some fun at your swelled up feet is a good way of remembering the not so great aspects of pregnancy.

The Silhouette Pose

This shot is perfect for the enhancement of the quality of your photograph. It highlights your beautiful curves and of your growing belly.

Make Use Of Props

Adding different props to your maternity photoshoot will give your photographs a more unique and authentic feel. You can use accessories that compliment your theme or skip the theme altogether in favour of props.

Using props for a maternity shoot

A maternity photoshoot can be exciting, for you and your family. Above we have listed, twelve maternity photo’s everyone must-have in the hopes of inspiring mothers to be in planning their own fabulous maternity photoshoot.

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