5 Things To Consider When Buying A Maternity Dress For A Photoshoot

Pregnancy is a magical and treasured time in a woman’s life, one where a brief moment exists between the excited anticipation of the last remaining days and the arrival of a new life into the world. What better way is there to immortalize such a momentous occasion than with a professional photoshoot to capture your radiance at that time? 

Maternity photoshoots, just as with wedding photographs, are important and you’d surely want it to be perfect and a true reflection of who you are. Deciding on the right wardrobe is a key part of this, so we’ve compiled a few tips on what to consider when you’re looking for the perfect maternity dress for a photo shoot.

Choose The Perfect Dress For The Perfect Theme 

Should you decide to go for a very specific theme, this will determine a great deal about the dress that ties together the entire ensemble. To add a personal touch and truly reflect who you are as a person, think about the things you are passionate about and integrate that into your shoot theme. For example, if you love painting, think of a setting such as a cozy art studio or tranquil corner of a beautiful garden and envision how your dress will tie into this concept. If you’re especially inspired by a particular classic piece of art, think about how you can recreate this with your own special twist. 

Time Of The Year Depicts Type Of Dress

If you’re planning your photo shoot well in advance, you may have an ideal season in mind to get those perfect pictures. Whether it’s winter or summer, outside scenery will feature prominently and your choice of maternity dress may need to be altered to work with the seasonal conditions. The colors that typically feature during a particular season, such as rich and earthy browns and reds in autumn, and yellows and greens in summer, can also be a great inspiration for the color scheme of your dress. 

Go For Timeless Style, A Classic Dress Is Always In Style 

You’re going to be treasuring and looking back on this moment for the rest of your life, so it’s only fitting that the photographs reflect an ageless appeal that transcends the years. To achieve this with full confidence, avoid being influenced by current fashion trends in terms of styles, colors or patterns. Simple, sophisticated and elegant dress cuts will not only bring out the best of you, but it will also remain captivating no matter when you or anyone else view the photographs in the future. When it comes to maternity dresses, classics are always in style. 

A Classic Colour Scheme Is A Must With All Maternity Dresses

As mentioned earlier, timelessness is key to ensuring your photographs will always be striking, and it’s no different when it comes to the colors you choose for your dress. Depending on what best complements your skin tone and personal preferences, neutral shades such as white, beige, cream, peach, light pink or creamy mint are always safe and sophisticated selections to feature. Remember that you can play around with locations and settings for your photoshoot, allowing for a range of colors and textures to feature. This is also why going with a neutral shade works so well – there will be no lack of vibrancy or texture in the complete composition and a neutral color will work well with any setting you go with. 

Ensure That Your Dress Is Comfortable

As much as you may want to make a striking impression with your choice of dress, uncomfortable clothing choices tend to become very apparent to the observer. Choose a design and fabric that is easy to move in as well as something that reflects who you are, as opposed to trying to be adventurous or experimental with the outcome. When in an uncomfortable dress, you may look snazzy, but your face, and facial emotions, won’t depict the same beautiful style.

Let’s Show Off That Baby Bump Right!

We hope these tips will help you narrow down your options as you search for the perfect maternity dress for your photoshoot. If you want to truly refine your photoshoot into a memorable and beautiful experience, remember that we specialize in custom-designed maternity gowns and dresses for the discerning mom-to-be. Consult us for professional advice and the creation of a dress you’ll fall in love with. Let’s show off that baby bump right!

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