Five Home Maternity Shoot Ideas You Need To Try!

Pregnancy is a milestone that certainly deserves celebration and what better way to do that than with a maternity photoshoot to celebrate your “preggy” belly? When planning a shoot, you’ll be met with dozens of options and one of the decisions you’ll have to make is the location of your shoot. There are so many benefits to having a maternity shoot done in the comfort of your home as opposed to a studio or alternative location. You’ll definitely feel more relaxed and comfortable and the photos will capture the essence of you, your home and your family.

But what are some creative ideas for maternity shoots done at home?

home maternity photoshoot ideas

Sharon Rose Custom is passionate about seeing the vision for your maternity shoots come to life, and below we have provided five home maternity shoot ideas!

Beautiful in the Bath

If you have a bath at home, instead of only a shower, you have the opportunity to use it for a gorgeous maternity photoshoot! There are so many ways you can use a bath for a maternity shoot and create a bath bomb, a flower bath, a milk bath or even a bubble bath.

However, there is no need to bare all! If you’re uncomfortable with nudity, bath shots look just as great when the mother-to-be is in a gorgeous slip dress that shows off her pregnant curves.

bath photoshoot

Use Natural Light To Your Advantage

There is no one that understands the natural light in your home better than you do. It’s important to know and track which rooms receive the most light at what times. This information will need to be relayed to the photographer, and additional light sources may need to be brought in if your home does not receive enough natural light of its own.

For the weeks leading up to the shoot, pay close attention to the way light works in your home so that you can provide ideas and insight and use the light to focus on that baby bump.

Include Pets And Children

One of the advantages you’ll experience by having a home maternity shoot is that your pets and other family members will be there and readily available to join in on certain shots.

maternity photoshoot with pets

Try to plan some of these shots beforehand so that you don’t have everyone trying to squeeze into each and every shot. Being surrounded by your loved ones and furry friends is sure to make you feel calm and relaxed on the day of the shoot. Including pets, children and other family members can make for some truly special photographs!

Cosy In The Bedroom

Bedroom shots always turn out beautifully and really capture the true intimacy of pregnancy. To prepare for shots in the bedroom, ensure you have clean sheets and pack away any clutter you may want to hide.

Don’t forget to use your favorite bedding! Bedroom shots work well when the mother-to-be is in an elegant nightgown or cozy pajamas that show off the baby bump. 

If you’ve already created a nursery area in your bedroom, it’s a great idea to take a few photos with all the baby paraphernalia, including the cot, baby clothes, and accessories.

maternity photoshoot in the bedroom

If you’ve already created a nursery area in your bedroom, it’s a great idea to take a few photos with all the baby paraphernalia, including the cot, baby clothes, and accessories.

Capture A Favourite Home Activity

If you want to make for a truly special photoshoot, try and capture one of your favorite activities at home! In the late stages of your pregnancy, you have more than likely spent quite a bit of time at home. So, what is it that you have found yourself enjoying the most? Cooking? Gardening? Painting? Knitting? Whatever it may be, it’s a great idea to capture you in your element! This way, the photos will be truly natural and you’ll find it easy to radiate happiness when in front of the lens. Looking back on these photos in years to come, you’ll be reminded of the happy times you spent knitting, scrapbooking or baking while pregnant.

No matter which home maternity ideas you go for, we still recommend that you use a professional photographer that can help refine your ideas and provide quality photographs.

Now that you have the ideas, let’s get you the outfit. Contact Sharon Rose Custom will help you get styled for your maternity shoot at home.

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