When Is The Best Time To Have An Engagement Photoshoot?

If it’s that blissful time for you and that special someone and you’re getting ready to commemorate your happiness with a photoshoot, get ready to discover when to have an engagement photoshoot. Get the perfect ambiance to compliment your look.

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What’s The Best Time Of The Day To Do An Engagement Photoshoot?

If it’s time to start laying down plans for your upcoming commemoration of your engagement, picking the time of day that you’d like best is a pretty big choice. There are varying moods that the time that you choose to snap the pics can bring to the photos. From the lighting to the mood and the contribution that it will have to the background, choosing the right time for you can make all the difference.

Morning Engagement Photoshoots

Pending the season that you decide to go with, a session can take place as early as 07:30 in the morning! The lighting that you will capture during this time is soft and nice. The tone that you can capture can have a golden hue if you pick a spot that works well. This is pretty flattering compared to mid-morning light.

Mid-morning shoots also come with their own perks. It really comes down to preference. Your pictures on a clear sunny day during this time of day would be subtly different than an earlier shoot. For instance, the lines would be more defined as opposed to the soft light and subtle lines. The light during this time is slightly harsher but this can produce bright and sunny visuals.

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Late-Afternoon Engagement Photoshoots

Late-afternoon or early evening engagement shoots will be for you if you prefer pictures with a softer light that can be very flattering. Compared to the early morning soft lighting, rather than golden hues, this time of day is more subtle, and the light can be manipulated in a number of ways. The challenge with this time is that the sun is low in the sky. Your photographer can work with this by catching a lens flare which always has gorgeous and romantic results.

While you’re planning your perfect engagement shoot, another crucial item is the gown. For the most gorgeous engagement ensembles, you will find the perfect look for you among the options at Sharon Rose Custom.

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