Expert Tips: What To Wear To Your Engagement Photo Shoot

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So you’re recently engaged. The excitement has now turned into stress as you shop through your closet, looking for the optimal outfit to wear for your engagement shoot. Before settling for that out-dated dress or dusty suit, or feeling like you need to hit the shopping mall to find new outfits, consider these expert tips.  

Now’s Not The Time To Not Be You

Sure, an engagement shoot is important, however, it does not always require formal wear. If you’re a jeans and T-shirt kind of couple, now is not the time to pick a sparkly ball gown and formal suit. Oh no! An engagement shoot should always authentically represent the newly-engaged couple, as they would normally be – but with a bit more razzle-dazzle. 

Couples should feel comfortable in their outfits and should still look like themselves – but at their best, of course! Wardrobe outfits outside the couple’s comfort zone will just end up with the couple feeling and looking awkward. 

Don’t Set Out To Be Matchy-Matchy, Rather Set Out To Complement

When it comes to engagement photoshoots, matching outfits and patterned, bold prints are a definite no-no. Yes, the couple can wear complementing outfits, but if it borders on distracting, brightly-colored attire rather postpone the engagement photoshoot! Stick with complementary colors and solid prints. 

Always Wear Photogenic Colours 

In these sentimental photos, you want your faces and the love between you both to stand out. With this in mind, opting for neon, red or orange colors is a bad wardrobe decision and malfunction. Instead opt for pastels, cool hues and colors, and neutrals, and then add bright and colorful accents using accessories. Speaking of colors, tie your perfectly toned attire together with a color scheme. More specifically, match your outfits with the color scheme of your wedding. Consider how the color of your outfits will translate through your engagement photo album and create synergy with every item you choose to wear. 

Wear At Least One Accessory

Whether it’s a stylish scarf, a chunky necklace or a blingy watch, wearing accessories can add some elegant oomph to your engagement look. Change up your accessories with every photograph to create different looks and feels with every picture. Men can layer it up with different clothes and women can sparkle it up with different accessories. Doing this will add more visual interest to the couple’s looks and create a variety of different engagement photographs.  

Opt For Classy Attire, Not Trendy Outfits

When choosing your optimal engagement outfits, consider how your outfits will look over time, year after year. Choose looks that will remain classy, elegant and timeless rather than clothes which will make your engagement photographs look dated, and even cringe-worthy 

Don’t Overdo Outfit Choices, Stick With Two Outfits

Your engagement photoshoot is not a fashion show, so don’t fall victim to treating it like one. There’s no need for a million wardrobe changes; save that for your wedding day. One or two outfits are more than enough to reflect you both as a couple, and at the end of the day, these engagement pictures will remind you both of you who are when it was just the two of you.

It’s Important To Flatter Your Body Type

Engagement dress that flatters your body type

As with any photoshoot, make sure that what you wear for your engagement photoshoot fits you properly and accentuates your physical assets. Avoid overly tight clothes or too baggy ones. You want to look your best!

Create Visual Interest In Your Photographs

Choosing outfits that incorporate attention-grabbing fabrics such as leather, fur or lace will certainly create visual interest in your engagement photographs. Let your pictures boast visual texture and warmth and let these textured items work with the scenery you decide on. However, it’s important to not go overboard with these textures!  

Factor In The Season When Choosing The Perfect Clothes

Whether it’s a summer, autumn, winter or spring engagement photoshoot, you can take advantage of the season when you’re looking to style a look according to climate. If it’s winter or autumn, don’t be afraid to bundle up. Winter accessories can be cute, and winter attire can be just as stunning as summer outfits. If taking photographs in summer, channel summertime vibes by going barefoot and wearing flowers in your hair. Every season supplies much inspiration for your engagement photoshoot!

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