How To Plan An Engagement Photoshoot?

plan engagement photoshoot

If your wedding is the biggest day of your life, then entering the engagement phase of your relationship is definitely a close second-best time of your lives. Think about it, these are the steps that mark the start of the beginning of the rest of your lives together. The wedding will get you thousands of memories and photographs, so the engagement shoot is the precursor to your big day.

The Value Of Having A Plan

Besides the blissful memories and social content that these shoots provide couples, these pictures can also be used for save the dates, wedding invites, and more. These are the photos that you will have lining the walls of your first home together. All of these opportunities to use these pictures increase the want for the shoot to come out well. This has made it very necessary to plan your moves so it can be the best that it can be.

How To Plan The Perfect Engagement Shoot?

If the time has come that you’re beginning to think about taking pictures of your engagement bliss, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the number of tasks that need to align before the assigned date. The first thing to do is to try to remain calm and clear-headed, next follow these tips for a great outline of your shoot.

Talk About Your Ideas

One of the initial steps to take when planning your engagement shoot is to sit down with your partner and discuss the ideas that you have about your engagement shoot. What you can do is get a blank sheet of paper and start noting down anything that piques your interest. It can even be a theme, color, or a pose that you’d like to try.

Talk about planning your engagement photoshoot

During this discussion try to find things that make you unique as a couple. Think of things like where you met, your common interests, and so on. These are the things that can point you in the right direction.

Gather Inspiration

Once you have collected your ideas and have a direction in which you want to go, it is now time to gather inspiration from all over. This is how you will be able to translate your thoughts into visual imagery so that you and the person taking the pictures can reference. Pinterest is the perfect tool for this as you can make boards for various aspects of your shoots if you wish and simply put a pin in the inspiring picture or text the moment you see it. You can passively compile various shots and ideas that you can show others. Keep common themes in mind as you could find ways to connect your ideas together this way. For instance, you could have a “Snowy Shoot” board to test out your Winter Wonderland theme.

Hire A Professional Photographer

engagement photoshoot photographer

This part is often the first thing that couples think about, the person that needs to take the magical shots. Going with a professional  that knows what they’re doing. It’s okay to have a budget but rather splurge on the photographer as your shoot will hinge on whether they have a good eye for photography. Having a sit-down meeting is a great way to test the waters and see if your visions match. If your photographer is on your level and can translate what you have in mind to an actual visual image, then you’ve got your man (or woman)!

Make A List Of Special Places

When you’ve got the photographer on board, the next phase of the plan would be to narrow down location ideas. You will need a concrete meeting point and can’t just say the beach and leave it up to the photographer. This can risk your shoot being the same as many other couples that they may have shot with. It’s always best to find a unique spot that suits your vision and your theme. Keep in mind that your initial ideas that were covered in the first planning phase need to link with the list of spaces that you come up with. Your location also needs to match the time of day that you’d prefer as the lighting is a big factor to consider and if it coagulates with your theme and ideas.

Think About Your Ensembles

The dress! This is where you can start shopping around for a look or two that you and your special someone will wear. This is a step that shouldn’t be overlooked or rushed. Make sure that what you’re wearing is completely you. Timeless looks are best as you will want these pictures to age well.

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