How to have the best Engagement Photoshoot

An engagement photoshoot is typically done to announce an engagement. It is a very special moment in one's life and capturing it makes it almost as exciting as your wedding day. Important chapters in your life need to be documented. With so much riding on a set of pictures you want them to be perfect. What you're going to wear is going to dictate how comfortable you are moving around or how you and your finance look together. You'll have your engagement photos for a long time and you may want to use them for your wedding invitations, your wedding program or save the dates.

Your engagement photos should be fun, less formal, unlike your wedding photos. Since engagement photos have so many potential uses, we know how carefully you and your partner have to think about what you will look like for the shoot. With endless options - lights or darks? Casual or formal? Bold print or classic solids? We will give you some tips and ideas on what to wear for your engagement photoshoot.

Choose Clothes That Reflect Your Personality

Your engagement shoot is a reflection of you and your partners’ personalities and your relationship as a couple. Most people tend to go all out for their engagement photos, but you actually shouldn't. When you embrace who you are as a couple your photos turn out better because you're comfortable, relaxed and being yourselves. Choose your outfits ahead of time so you aren't scrambling around looking for something to wear on the day of your photoshoot.

Summer Outfits For Your Engagement Photo Shoot

Weddings are in the air during the sunny season. It's also an ideal time to have your engagement photoshoot. The great outdoors, flat shoes, breathtaking breathable fabrics, and shorter hemlines are a must. Whether you like vibrant prints or breezy natural looks summer engagements are the perfect chance to show off your comfy casual styles.

Choose Clothes That Compliment Each Other

It is important for both you and your partner to pick outfits that complement each other. Stay away from both partners wearing busy patterns. Make sure you're both on the same page by planning. Try on your favorite outfits together before the engagement photo session, this way you get to choose what you both like.

Don't Shy Away From Bold Colors

While most people wear all white for their engagement photos, which by the way is extremely elegant, bright colors really do pop on camera. Bold colors will give your photos an instant celebratory feel and is perfectly appropriate for a summer setting shoot. To make bright bold colors work pick ones that play off each other without being too matchy-matchy.

Don't Be To Matchy-Matchy

A big mistake couples make is overmatching. When there's too much of one hue in a shot, everything blends together and nothing stands out. You want your photos to pop and have liveliness in them. If you have doubts stick to neutral or pastel shades.

Fall Outfits For Your Engagement Photo Shoot

There is beauty in the rich colors that come with the fall season. The crisp air that won't mess up your hair or make-up. Outdoor photos during fall are exceptionally beautiful. Try to pick color palettes that work with your surroundings. Wear long sleeves, layers, and knits. Rich orange, reds, and browns all complement the season well.

Winter Outfits For Your Engagement Photo Shoot

If you're planning on taking your engagement photos in winter, don't allow the chilly weather to keep you from looking stylish. This is the perfect season for you and your finance to get a little festive. Winter engagements are the perfect opportunity to get into the holiday spirit.

Select No More Than One Outfit

The point of an engagement shoot is to be taking photos, not spend half your shoot having to change outfits. Limit yourself to no more than two outfits. This is the moment to celebrate yourselves as a couple. Wear what makes you both happy and make’s you feel beautiful in your own skin, and what will photograph well between both of you.

With so much to choose from, we hope our blog is helpful for your upcoming engagement photoshoot!

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